IN-SITU THERMAL REMEDIATION (ISTR).  SOIL-THERM has developed what could possibly be the most exciting new advancements in soil heating using powerful aerospace technology GAS-FIRED burners.  By employing high powered ramjet burner technologies, SOIL-THERM now offers the most energy efficient and powerful means of heating and cleaning soils using ISTR technologies.


DWR-3 Soil-Heating Burners.  With a capacity of operating at up to 250 scfm air flow, 1800F, 15+ psig, and an output of up to 750,000 btus/hour, the DWR-3 burner offers powerful heat to the soil for ISTR operations in a small 8″ central well casing, with up to four 4″ network well casings.

By integrating this powerful gas soil heating technology into a ‘below ground’ network of vertical wells and conveyance piping, the heat transfer surpasses other technologies that are limited by Electric or induced gas burner technologies.  SOIL-THERM’s pressure burners are able to overcome high downstream pressures from high temperature combustion gases traveling up to 300+ feet of heating pipe.  The end result is a powerful heating process that gets more heat to the soil, lower operating costs, and effective soil cleaning power.

DownWell CHLORINATED OXIDIZER & Heating System.  SOIL-THERM has developed the first thermal oxidizer that fits within an 8″ well casing, and provides >99.8+% destruction of Chlorinated compounds WHILE heating the soil!  The DWR-CL3 Burner direct flame destroys the PCE or other CVOC vapors from the SVE blower system, with the ability to process up to 500 scfm flows with high steam and VOC content during ISTR operations.  While destroying CVOCs,  the DWR-CL3 burner also provides up to 1 MM btus/hour for heating the soil through sealed steel piping.  This patent pending process also eliminates the additional costs and large sized emissions control equipment required for GAC,  refrigerated condensing units, or above ground chlorinated oxidizers during ISTR cleanup.  With that much heat, the DWR-CL3 alone has the capability of heating  and cleaning up to 1000 cubic yards with multiple wells installed in parallel in a very short amount of time!  A Revolutionary, Exciting, and Award Winning achievement!

ISTR Using Gas-Fired Burners with Network Piping.  With over 25 years experience designing powerful burner systems, SOIL-THERM has developed a soil heating process whereby vertical burner heating wells are installed with the capability of providing up to 1700F heat to the soil from sealed TCH piping.  Additional heat is transferred below ground using conveyance piping that provides additional horizontal heat when transferring to another vertical well.  This patent pending process has proven to reduce the number of costly vertical wells and provides up to 78% heat to the soil from one central gas-fired pressure burner.  SOIL-THERM also integrates a specially designed heat exchanger which recovers valuable heat exhausted from the heating wells to preheat combustion air for the DWR-1 burner. The most energy efficient ISTR technology we’ve ever seen!